About Us

THEMİS GLOBAL INDEPENDENT AUDIT AND FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY A.Ş. is a Financial Consultancy, Accounting, Independent Audit, Tax and Consultancy company established in 1999 by experienced and experienced Financial Advisors.

Turkey’s Istanbul office with our serving and still developing, offering audit and financial advisory services, is located between the service efficiency and quality international auditing and consulting firm leading the sector with the community.

Themis Global provides legal advantages and realistic solutions to its problems with its wide range of services in the fields of independent auditing, tax and financial legal consultancy, reporting and accounting. Our company’s first priority is to ensure that our customers benefit from the advantages of the laws at the maximum rate, to protect them from risks and to solve their problems.

Serving with an ever increasing customer portfolio, Themis Global’s understanding of world-class service quality, wherever your business is, offers you the attention you deserve and the information you need under the same conditions and supports you reliably.

Our goal is always to provide higher quality service and to achieve a leading position in the regions we serve.